Due Diligence Investigations
Due Diligence Investigation

Our seasoned investigators can perform due diligence investigations when you need to know who you are going to be working. Some of the services provided include:

  1. Perform an in depth report analysis utilizing public and private databases.
  3. Conduct criminal history profiles of all officers and directors of the corporation at the State
    and Local Level. (This will be performed upon receipt of the FCRA Release,
    signed by each applicant).
  5. Conduct a verification of incorporation on file in the State, Department of State Office.
  7. Identify for Liens and Bankruptcies on the Corporation.
  9. Identify for Liens and Bankruptcies on each of the identified officers and directors of the corporation.
  11. Identify any judgements against the Corporation.
  13. Perform a Real Property search for all Officers and Directors, as well as the Corporation.
  15. Conduct a published records check on officers, Directors and Corporation to ascertain if any documents or stories
    have been published recently.
  17. Conduct a search of Federal Criminal records, as well as Civil Court searches for the Federal Districts associated.

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