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Facilitated Discussions
Protective Countermeasures & Consulting Inc. Facilitated Discussion Program

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With all the threats - visible and hidden - facing executives today, it is essential for senior managers in the company to be fully aware of these threats and how they can prepare for them. Protective Countermeasures provides a full range of executive coaching and awareness programs, including facilitated hands-on sessions that will equip executives with all the tools they need to remain safe and secure.

Facilitated Discussion Program
Facilitated Discussions

This facilitated discussion includes a 2.5-hour training session for senior executives, directors and other senior managers. It provides for all the experiences obtained in a tabletop exercise without the games or injects. Facilitated discussion sessions can be tailored to specific requirements.

The objective of this program is to ensure that senior management and other staff can effectively respond to risks arising from terrorism, natural disasters, or other threats coming from within and outside the company. This can be achieved by facilitating discussions on the following:

. Company emergency response plans and continuity plans
. Recognition of potential threats or incidents through signs and symptoms
. Rapid assessment of potential implications for the organization of such incidents
. Guidance for interaction with the media to calm public concerns and maintain public confidence
. Organization and deployment of integrated planning, training and exercising activities among departments,
multiple jurisdictions and mutual aid partners for response to a terrorist or natural incident.

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