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Monthly Security Evaluation Service       
Assures executive management it's security budget is spent
on services for which it is charged!
Protective Countermeasures & Consulting, Inc., a leader in security consulting services and training, announces the availability of their Security Evaluation Service which provides a monthly evaluation of the security services New York commercial real estate management companies utilize at their properties while ensuring that their buildings remain compliant with Homeland Security regulations and staff is properly trained.
The monthly evaluation includes an unannounced property walk-through during any
day or or shift, including weekends and overnights a tailored 60-point security inspection
by a security expert to visually inspect that all security devices are working properly,
that contract security guards are present and performing their assigned duties,
and that all security personnel are knowledgeable of security systems and
emergency notification processes.

Protective Countermeasures & Consulting also
performs a counter surveillance operation
to ensure that
no one is conducting active surveillance on your building, no external
security issues exists, and then submits a report for each evaluation,
documenting what security issues need to be addressed. Program participation
includes a complimentary "lunch and learn," featuring security and terrorism awareness
training for the organization,s staff.
"This is not a risk assessment program, but rather a monthly evaluation of current security
to ensure it is functioning as designed," said Sal Lifrieri, president of Protective Countermeasures &
"Consulting. Our Security Evaluation Service assures executive management that the security budget
is being spent on services that are being charged for."
Monitoring and evaluating building security provides the means for companies to reduce insurance
premiums by demonstrating an effective security posture, reduce liability to their property, and obtain the
full value of their contract guard service. Reports also assist during contract renegotiations with guard companies.
"The low cost of the monthly evaluations can easily be recovered through lower liability and insurance,"
said Lifrieri. "Even small properties can benefit from utilizing our quarterly service. In this way, we can help
ensure that all real estate management firms maintain a high quality of security services to their tenants,
and meet all governmental security requirements."
Frequently Asked Questions
    1. What is a security evaluation service?
  1. A 60 point check which includes ensuring guards services are present and all security
    systems are operational
  2. 2. Who benefits from this service?
  3. Building owners and managers-we become your eyes and ears during off our hours.
  4. 3. What time is evaluation performed?
  5. Mostly on nights and weekends when supervisory coverage is at its least.
  6. 4. What do you look for?
  7. An external examination is performed, then the guard service is reviewed and evaluated, internal security devices
    are working, and critical infrastructure areas of the building are locked down.
  8. 5. What is the lunch and learn?
  9. We will schedule a staff 'lunch & learn' session where we supply the lunch and instructor for your staff on topics
    such as Terrorism and Security Awareness.
  10. 6. How does this differ from a risk assessment?
  11. A risk assessment looks for all the risks. In our evaluation service, we ensure that the services you are paying for
    are being received and all areas that should be secured are.
  12. 7. How do I save money?
  13. Aside from lower insurance premiums by demonstrating a strong security program, the evaluations can be used in
    contract renegotiations with security guard companies.
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    8. Do you provide guard services?
  1. No, absolutely not.