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Active Shooters, Workplace Violence, Hostile Workplace

Are you concerned about how to recognize and respond to violence issues in the workplace?

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With an increase in reporting of violent crimes at the workplace, it is important to have a plan to respond to such situations. Discover how you can learn to recognize your employees personal issues which rapidly become company problems, as well as external factors to consider.

Problems you may have and their effects on your company:

• What do you need to capture and document to law enforcement for a prosecutable case?
• Can you recognizing when an employee has a problem at home that is being brought to the workplace?
• Learn how to handle a problem you may not even know exists!
• What are the proper responses in dealing with these issues... what works and what doesn't!

Developing strategies for workplace violence issues:

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Our team of experts can assist you by: • Forming a winning team by setting up a “Threat Assessment Group.”
• Advising on what elements are needed in a workplace violence plan to limit your liability.
• Coaching your staff on key elements of "Violent Crimes in Progress" situations and what can be done to mitigate the effects.

Understand the facts about Active Shooters:

• How they develop
• What to expect from Law Enforcement
• What to do if it happens to you
• How to recover your operations

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